Governor poker for iphone

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Governor Poker For Iphone

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Governor of Poker2 on iPhone 6


This is why I like some of the games brought by Youdagames, Because you can really say that it was very excellent and great game to buy.

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In the game you would be playing with different people and in the final stage you will play with Governor. Play either as a male or a female character in this highly interactive and addicting poker game.

Number 1 app game in card game category in over 20 countries Natively integrated into Game Center, regular free updates Governor of Poker 2 takes you back to the wild west, straight to the roots of this very exciting card game. It had both a tournament or a cash game.

It teaches you several aspects of poker that many people miss. Wear different hats and clothing by spending your poker money on the good things in life. You have to purchase different hats and transportation as well. The 1 Poker Adventure on the App Store is beaten by its sequel…….

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In governor of poker you can really make it and when you make it make it big! A new Dallas government decided to put a ban on all poker games and now considers the game to be illegal. Alternatively, if times are hard, you can always sell your outfits back to the store at a reduced rate or sell your house so you can enter into a big poker game that has been advertised around the towns or pay off the bank.

Governor of Poker 2

Cash, fame, properties, transport assets and perhaps a title. Each time you sit at a new table, you will be up against players with different skills sets.

But this game is far better then the first one. When you are sat at the virtual poker tables, game play is just as easy as traversing the towns and managing your finances:.

If you start to run low on cash, there is always a loan option available from the bank. I got it for my PC and played till the end and now will get for my iPhone so that I can enjoy it during my business trips.

All you need to do is act like a pro and learn how to keep your cool, try not tilt when a player gets lucky and to stay calm in order to crack the game and make tonnes of cash.

Learn how to spot a bluffer and pick up tells other player have as you discover each new town and establishment.

When you begin the game, you will be travelling between towns as an unknown looking for the easiest low stakes games to visit and win your cash. You need to battle your way out through tough tournaments and win it all with cash, fame, properties, transport assets and perhaps a title of Governor of Poker.

Great fun all over.

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The setting is in the Wild West back in the days when poker was a cut throat game played amongst cowboys and businessmen alike. This all packed in a beautiful rendered environment with stunning 3D graphics. What are you waiting for partner?

Miscellaneous, Board Games, Parlor, Gambling. But the game is bug free now and is simply the best poker game tycoon.

Visit the towns of Elpasso and Amerillo as well as many others where there will always be a cash game or tournament underway waiting for you to join in one of the local casinos or saloons. The announcer sounds like Tim Allen lol: When you make some name, you might even get news flashes in the local papers of major events.

Advertise on Fresh Apps Screenshots Share Governor of Poker with the world: This one is just as challenging and both are great fun!

#1 Texas Holdem Poker Game

In Governor of Poker you battle your way in poker tournaments and win it all. Downloaded over 3 million times!

Sometimes you get your butt kicked but, with careful play you will be the winner. Have you always been a poker fanatic? In addition to dressing like a high roller, buying property is another exciting side to this game.

You are the Governor of Poker and it is up to you to bring in the riches and build up your empire by playing your favourite hobby of poker to get you there. I loved the first Governor Of Poker, and of course bought it. Definitely worth the credit. New to Fresh Apps?

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As soon as you win over the governor, you will become the Governor of Poker. Look out for tells coming from the tourists and the fish that are easy to bluff.

Love the character voiceovers. In fact, this is one of the most realistic sides to this game.

Earn rewards for exceptional skills and achievements. I feel both the PC and iPhone version are same.

You must have heard about Governor of Poker PC by now? You have to own cities by purchasing all of the houses. Before I start it over to play again I will probably uninstall and re install and see if that solves the problem.


The game had some troubles with an updated version!

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