Housekeeping poker tracker

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Housekeeping Poker Tracker

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Red Giant


Thomas Less Helsinki If so, did they find an easy way to keep it updated. Get a FREE book!

Also, I will take into account how easy it is to configure them. Service issues are very rare.

Orlando I in chips Seat 6: When this occurs you must close this window and follow the instructions once again to open the Command Prompt as an administrator. Windows XP or In the window that opened go to the Configure folder, then edit the PokerTracker.

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Originally Posted by FF00h 3. Why deploy whole separate Windows service just to start the database?

Lvpokeragain Fremont Why more thanpoker players have joined CardsChat Quickly improve your game. Performance Everybody who used any of the two tools knows that they do require some resources and are hardly the lightest programs out there.

For example it took an entire team of developers almost 3 years to create PokerTracker 4, this is no easy task. Anyways thanks for the spreadsheet.

Escuelas de poker con BECA.

SainttAA Greve If the program "psqlODBC" is listed, select it and uninstall as well to complete this process. Open a web browser and go to the postgresql.

I have absolutely no doubt that you will be thrilled with it. I dont need many options: Vacuuming your database reclaims free space on your hard drive after you delete data therefore it is only necessary to manually vacuum your database if you have deleted data.

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Switch to Threaded Mode. Do not attempt to uninstall PostgreSQL by deleting its folder.

Table of Contents Overview. Derekas TorontoYou finished in 1st place.

Send a private message to Kraada. If you are logged on as an administrator and UAC is not configured to always require credentials, click Yes to start the application. March 19th, Originally Posted by rhombus Quite a few differetn ones available http: The Port used by PokerTracker 4 to communicate with the PostgreSQL server will continue to be if the default port was used during installation.

September 6th,3: When you remove a database, the database is simply unlinked from PokerTracker. In the end, PostgreSQL was the clear winner.

Is it still clustering or has it moved on to the other housekeeping functions yet?

April 16th, Join the Conversation at CardsChat. Housekeeping takes long 1 It depends on your system. Table of Contents Overview.

Find More Posts by Kraada. We do not advise uninstalling PostgreSQL unless you are having problems caused by the Postgres service, or if you intend to replace an old version of PostgreSQL with a newer major release without changing the ports used by the service.

December 29th,6: When uninstallation is completed, the database will remain on your hard drive as a safety precaution that will allow you to reinstall at a later time and reclaim that data.

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Learn from online pros. What poker room do you play on? This will open the Services Control Panel.

CardsChat is an online poker community ofmembers in countries. If you wish to delete the database please continue with the next step. Originally Posted by Kraada That version of PT3 is quite old and we have fixed literally hundreds of known bugs since that time.

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This is why I decide to include this section and take a more in-depth look at the filters offered. The time now is Originally Posted by clinkersdm38 New to this site.

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It may allow us to break the clustering up into smaller chunks, though, which may give us some sort of progress bar. Excellent spreadsheet for tracking your poker results.

MortyO3 naples The PokerTracker 3 database was designed to handle millions of hands so there is no need to create multiple databases for certain sites, limits, etc. The easiest way to accomplish this is by restarting your computer. I rely just need the formula to check hands.

PokerTracker reads these files and extracts the relevant information, which it converts into a database for later review or statistical analysis.

S really how long do i have to wait? If the User Account Control dialog box appears, confirm that the action it displays is what you want, and then click Continue.


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